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    How do you detemine where individual scores fall within the 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% of 100% percentile of the lower and upper ranges of all the scores?

    David Gordon

      I am trying to use the product to help categorise risk assessments and rate the risk scores of those that fall with the 20/40/60/80/100 percentiles of the highest and lowest scores - e.g. if the risk scores were between -100 to 200 they could fall within the following brackets;

      Insignificant rating - a score between -100 and -40,

      Low rating - a score between -41 and 20

      Medium rating - a score between 21 and 80

      Significant rating - a score between 80 and 140

      High rating - anything equal to or above a score of 141


      When categoried I would use this information to colour the appropriate bar on the graph to one of five colors.


      Can anyone provide an example of how this should work?


      Many thanks