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    revenue difference between last week and week before?




      My very first post, apologies if its a newbie question!


      For columns I have set the week a product was purchased (discrete)

      For rows I have set the product name (discrete)

      In marks I have set the revenue (continuous)


      What this does is show me the revenue made for a particular product each week. I have attached a screenshot of the report. For some reason it does not show the revenue, only 'abc' - I have no idea why but thats not the main thrust of the question.


      The real issue is that I understand that for the 'green pill' under marks, I can do a table calculation that does the difference in revenue between this week and last week. However, I want to be able to to last week against the week before.

      Does anyone know how to do this?


      Many thanks!!


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Gary,


          The reason that abc is showing up is because the measure is on the level of detail shelf, move it to the Text shelf. So you want to see the difference in revenue from the previous week, but start with last week as opposed to this week? One way would be to filter the date so that only those two weeks are showing. Then, add the table calc.


          If you want it to be more dynamic a calculated field similar to the following could be created and placed on the filter shelf:


          dateadd('week',-2,today())<=[Order Date] and dateadd('week',-1,today())>=[Order Date]


          Hope this helps!