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    Is there any way to show last 10 weeks as checked and others unchecked for the multiple values list type of quick filter for week number?

    Sneha Shrungarpawar



      I have developed one report in tableau and published on the tableau server and it is scheduled for weekly refresh since it is weekly report. It is a simple tabular report showing Revenue by Business Unit.

      I have applied the multiple value list type of quick filter for week number so that users can select the weeks for which they want the report to be filtered.

      The week number field which i am using as a quick filter is a numeric field and the values are like 201301( week number 1 for year 2013 ).

      I am having data starting from week number 201201 till date (total 81 weeks data).

      So I want by default the report should show the data for last 10 weeks (rolling 10 weeks) and quick filter should show all the weeks but last 10 weeks should be checked and other weeks should be unchecked so that user can select the other weeks if they want.

      I can not hard code the quick filter selection values since i am setting it for auto refreshing on server so every week the week number list is going to expand by 1 week and that is why the last 10 weeks will be changed every week.


      I have tried in many ways but did not get any solution. Does anyone knows how to do this?

      I am attaching .twbx file having sample data.