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    Problem when applying Quick filters and Actions together

    Siddharth Surana

      Hey Guys


      I have a filtering issue that I'd like to address and not sure if it is a bug or a lack of feature


      I have 2 worksheets A & B.


      Worksheet A has a bunch of quick filters that is applied on Worksheet B


      Then I publish both the worksheets in a Dashboard and apply an Action filter from Worksheet A to Worksheet B with the "Select " & "Exclude All" options on Work Sheet B.


      So now I am first setting all quick filters and then when I see Worksheet A with the filtered data I click on a Single record from Worksheet A to show only the relevant data in Worksheet B


      But my problem is, when I do this (Click on a record in Worksheet A to show only relevant info in Worksheet B), the quick filters applied on Worksheet A disappear.


      Have you guys ever faced this problem. I am unable to attach a workbook as it has a lot of proprietary data