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    Change filter on Parameter value change

    Stuart Dunlap




      I have a parameter defined to determine which field I want to display in my
      column of a view (the parameter in the attached workbook is called
      parmHeatColumn and it drives the value of the cHeatColumn dimension that
      controls the display of the column).



      Based on the selection of parmHeatColumn I've also set a filter that
      conditionally displays values to select in the column. This field is called
      cScope in the attached file.



      Here's my question... If I select 'By DC' in my parameter and cScope is set
      to something other than '(All)', then my view returns nothing because the
      cScope filter is referencing an invalid column value. Is there a way change the
      cScope filter value to '(All)' whenever the parmHeatColumn value is changed?
      Kind of like trapping the event of changing the parmHeatColumn parameter
      value... but I'm open to any way of accomplishing this...



      This question probably only makes sense if you review the attached workbook.



      Any insight is appreciated!!