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    % Difference Calculated Fields and Filters

    Joe Knight



      I am computing the % difference in rebate for products quarter over quarter.  I want to build a flag where the user can filter for products where a rebate existed in the current quarter but not the previous (vice versa).  The "Flag" column below is what I am trying to build.  The % of change is a table calculation based on Rebate.  I'd like to show both quarters.


      FLAGRebate% ChangeRebate% Change
      Product AMISSING REBATE$50.00n/a$0.00-100%
      Product Bna/$100.00n/a$90.00-10%
      Product CNEW REBATE$0.00n/a$50.00100%


      Apologies, but i can't send an example workbook.  Please let me know if you can help or need additional clarification.


      Joe K.