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    Importing users from a csv sheet into tableau

    Philip George


      the format of the csv sheet is below


      Username        Password         Full Name        License level

      <username1>  empty               <fullname>       <Unlicensed or interactor>

      .....                    ....                    .....                    .....

      ......                   ....                    .....                    .....


      Since there is local authentication I am keeping password as empty.But it is throwing a message saying all these users are getting ignored while importing into tableau.


      If I follow the below format in the csv then all these users are getting added with license level as unlicensed.


      Username          License Level

      <username1>     <Unlicensed or Interactor>


      Even I tried without the column names.Its not working


      has anyone faced this issue before?is there anything wrong with the format followed in the csv sheet?