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    Conditional Formatting Column-wise

    Anuja S Krishnan

      I am trying to get some conditional coloring done on my cross-tabs, I have a few scenarios listed below, I am attaching a .twbx.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      In the attached workbook, I have three measures - x,y,z and my dimension in "Sheet1" is Tenure.


      Scenario 1: I would like to add a conditional formatting for the entire table (all measures) such that I shade all values below 2.5 in RED and all values above 3.0 in GREEN.


      Scenario 2: I would like to add a different condition for each column.

           Column1 / "0-2 yrs" will have a conditional coloring of RED for <3.0 and GREEN for >3.0

           Column2 / "3-4 yrs" will be anything <3.0 is RED and anything >3.5 is GREEN

           Column3 / "Above 5 years" will be <2.5 is RED and >2.6 is GREEN


      Scenario 3: Finally, is there a way to assign a conditional formatting for each measure


      Thanks much!