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    How can I keep Percentiles the same in multiple Filtered Worsheets?

    Kim Unger

      I'm relatively new to Tableau, so I appologize first if this actually ends up being an easy answer.

      I have calculated the percentiles for a selected parameter (Site EUI (kBTU/SqFt) based on a bunch of initial filters. I am trying to create a dashboard that will show the full view with these initial percentiles and then a second view using the Action Filter, such that when I click on another worksheet in the dashboard, the 2nd view filters. I am able to set up this action, but when I change the filter, the percentile calculations change (as there are no longer the same data points). Is there a way to keep the percentiles that were calculated in one view for use in another view?


      I've attached the packaged workbook for reference.


      I want to be able filter the Project Total by Project Name -- so the graph on the bottom shows a particular project. Then, based on this selection, I want the Filtered Total graph to change -- but I want the percentiles kept from the Total AMVS graph rather than recalculated. I am sure it has to do with the way Percentiles are caclulated, so I wanted to see if thee is a way to build in something to restrict the calculation more. Currently I am using the following formula to calculate the percentiles:


      Thus why it will recalculate the percentiles with each selection. Any other method to calculate the percentiles?