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    Dynamic, user-dependent filter default on Server?

    Amy Foran



      I'm publishing a workbook to the Tableau Server with a filter that limits users' views based on their position within my university. For example, department chairs are limited to viewing data related to their department, while university administrators may filter between multiple departments. My user filters are working properly, however the server view defaults to the department I happen to be filtered on when I upload the workbook, and if a chair from a different department logs in to see it, it loads as a blank screen (headings visible), and they have to select their department in the filter before seeing their data (the default department appears in the filter box in parentheses and their department is the only choice in the drop down menu). Is there a way to dynamically set the default view based on a user's permission (i.e. the first (or only) department they have access to alphabetically)?


      Thank you very much for your help!