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    Image Object : Functionality

    Hit Wad

      I am changing Powerpoint slide to JPEG and later using it in Image object in Dashboard.

      If there is change in the Powerpoint then i need to copy new JPEG file on the same location where image object is fectching it


      I am using Place holder to put images in the folder .Facing Problem when updating images with the same name ,giving error you cannot update or delete as already in use?


      How can i get rid of this problem one way is i can close my Tableau Desktop and update the Image.If i Deploy this Dashboard on Server would i face the same problem


      Please suggest

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          Joshua Milligan

          Hit Wad,


          I'm a little confused what you mean by "when updating images with the same name" -- where are you trying to put these images?  With Server, it will deploy the image as an external file and I'm not sure how easy it would be to replace it on the fly.


          One option you might consider is using a web object in the dashboard and point the URL to the image (on a network location accessible by Desktop and Server).  You'll lose a little bit of the functionality of the image object, but at least you'll be able to swap the image out easily.