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    How to publish one workbook that allows different views to different users




      I'm on v8 and have a workbook with 3 dashboards.  One for Agent, one for Team Mgr and one for Senior Mgr.  I want the agents to only see the Agent Dashboard and the TMs to only see the TM dashboard etc.   The way we currently do this is to publish the dashboards separately as 3 different reports. Is there a smarter way to do it?  i.e. publish both sheets of the workbook as one report and have some other criteria decide which dashboard the users see?  I should note here that the Agent dashboard has a USERMATCH function that restricts them to seeing only themselves.  This is why the Managers can't view that report.  They see nothing because they are not an agent.


      Reason for this is that our projects are getting a bit clumsy.  e.g.

      Agent KPI report

      TM KPI report

      Snr Mgr KPI report

      Agent Results Report

      TM Results Report

      Snr Mgr Results Report



      Hope that makes sense