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    Cell reference lines not showing proper values

    Jay Chang

      I am trying to determine if this is expected behavior.  My situation is shown in the below image:


      I have Aggregate Measures turned off so those are individual values.


      I have created two sets of reference bands at the cell level.  They are showing SUM([data measure]) as an AVERAGE


      The reference band set that does not match the other bands is correct and reflects my source data.


      My issue is this - when I hover over the reference band that does not match the others in the pane, I do not get the right values.  They show the same values as all the other reference bands in the pane, despite my using bands at the Cell level.  This seems to happen only when I use reference bands - when I use reference lines, the hover value is correct for all bands, including the ones that pop above the others.


      Has anyone run into this and know of a way to fix?  Also, is there any way to control what is displayed when you hover over a reference line?  The default is not very user friendly.