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    Removing space on X-Axis of Area Charts

    Reginald Green

      Hi Everyone,


      Does anyone know whether it's possible to exclude values on the X-Axis which are automatically inserted by Tableau when an Area Chart is plotted.


      I have created the below chart that shows daily totals for the date range 7/11/2009 to the current date; there is a date range filter on the date.


      But for some annoying reason, Tableau is inserting a date on the X-Axis that's earlier than the required start date. I want 7/11/2009 to be point 0 on the X-Axis. The Date dimension must be continuous so the dates don't become too cluttered.


      Thanks for your help.

      Area Chart.png

      I see the same issue in the info sheet provided by Tableau.


      Tableau Area Chart.png

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Tableau pads out most charts so that you don't get marks half-in/half-out of a viz, and most of the time this is a good thing. But I agree in an area chart this is both unnecessary and unattractive. First while discrete dates are also not the most attractive they can be tweaked a bit to be acceptable:




          But if you really can live with this, then the only other option I can think of is to fix the axis:




          Of course you give up dynamic filtering. If neither option is acceptable, then this would be a good one for the Ideas section. I'd vote for it.



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