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    Questions about Tableau Public Premium & Tableau Server

    Tim Liu

      Hi Guys,


      There is a media company in China plan to pub visualization dashboard in online news. I need your help for below three questions...thanks in advanced:


      1, If Tableau Public speed is not good enough, can we use Tableau Server 8/16 Core for publishing the viz for audience without request of password login? For example, set all user as viewer role. But is it capably for millions of people viewing the dashboard?


      2, If some of the visualization in the news are OK for download and some are not. Can we use Tableau Public and Public Premium at same time to save the cost?


      3, How Tableau Public Premium can make sure that when millions or more people view the dashboard, the speed can still remain acceptable especially in some emerging market? What is the technical explanation behind? If speed is not good, what are the alternative suggestion?