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    Performance Probability Profile (X-Axis Percentiles)

    Dan Meier

      I know that plotting percentiles can be cumbersome in Tableau outside reference lines.  However, I'm wondering if someone can help me create a common chart that I use that uses multiple percentiles.


      I work in manufacturing where we want to monitor the variability in our manufacturing processes to help determine product lead times. Process times can vary for similar parts due to a variety of factors, including tool "queue" time, tool downtime, etc.


      To help us determine the process time performance probability profile, we create a chart with process time on the Y-axis and the probability a process will take that time on the X-axis.  (See the attached chart and spreadsheet.)  This can be done in Excel using percentiles, but it's really tedious to update -- particularly if we want to investigate "what-if" scenarios.  Tableau is really exceptional at this type of analysis -- very easy to pop in a filter to test a new condition.


      I've seen some similar examples that are attempts to create funnel plots, but these are inelegant, to say the least.  Hopefully there's a better way...???  Thanks in advance!