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    % Difference calculation


      Want to Calculate the % difference  between one client_3  to Client_1, Client2, Client 4, Client5.


      Client    Median(Measure)  %Difference(Client 3) compared to all other clients

      Client1      14.5                 %(22 - 14.5)  and color code according to requirement

      Client2       31                    %(22-31)

      Client3       22

      Client4       11                    %(22-11)

      Client5        12                    %(22-12)



      Please help me the formula I have to use to get the %diff values.

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          Pedro Machado

          Please post a packaged workbook with some sample data and the visualization as close as you can to what you want. It's important to tell us how Client 3 is selected to be the benchmark. For example, the "benchmark" customer is the top customer by X measure or the "benchmark" customer must be selected by the user.