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    Gantt Charts


      I'm not sure what the correct terms are, sorry.  I'm trying to recreate the Gantt chart portion of the top viz, but I keep getting the results on the bottom.  Notice that on the top, the Gantt values are clumped together, which is what I want for a better visual effect.  On the bottom, they seem to be spread out evenly.  How do I get from the bottom version to the top?



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          Dana Withers

          Hi Peter,


          It might help a bit if there was any info on what the setup is you have or what the data is you are playing with.

          However it looks to me as though your bottom gantt chart bit is missing the size of it's little bars? It is hard to tell but it seems that all bars have the same size in your bottom one.


          Can you try that or provide more info on what you're working with?