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    text table issue..need to present data in specific format..help needed

    Syed Shah



      I need to present data in some specific format. Please see the below image.


      text table .PNG.png


      What I understand is that I can create two tables and keep them side by side to make them look like above


      However, My issue is how to put the columns above each other as above. Every field in above table is a separate field/column


      Can someone please help




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          Joshua Milligan



          I'm fairly certain that no one is going to be able to answer without understanding what your data is.  Would it be possible to supply some dummy data in the same structure as your real data?


          Right off, my guess is that the data will need to be reshaped and even then it's going to be a little tricky.  You're basically taking a list of attributes and values (but not matching on type) and asking Tableau to give you a formatted table.  While it is probably possible, it isn't exactly what the tool was designed for (it was designed for visualizing data sets -- this includes text tables, but more of an aggregated slice/dice approach than providing layout for attribute/value lists).




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            Russell Christopher

            Hey Syed -


            While I'm sure this isn't news to you, Tableau is not really meant to build form-like reports - it's a visual analytics tool. So while you can do this, it's going to be harder than it should because you'll need to force Tableau to do things it's not really made to do.


            Getting all the numeric fields (Klout Score, Klout Network, etc.) to show up in a single column should be fairly straight-forward. Use the Measure Names and Measure Values pills. Mixing in dimension values (Twitter Screen Name, Twitter UserName) is going to be hard. You'll likely need to create a worksheet for each one of these fields, and then position them in a column inside your dashboard. You might even choose to create a worksheet-per-dimension value, then place them next to text labels that exist in the dashboard...like this:


            ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 26 07.36.gif


            Sheet1 shows "Singapore" and is dropped into a horizontal container. A Text Label shows "Country Name:" and is dropped into the same container. Two "Blanks" are used to smash things close to each other so that they align correctly (although there are other approaches).


            So like I said, this is do-able, but you're going to end up spending LOTS of time since Tableau is not for building forms.