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    Calculating test score gains

    Michael Swigert

      Hi all,


      I have student test score data with date tested and score. Students test on an ongoing basis throughout the year, so the dates of the initial test and follow up test varies by student, with some students taking multiple follow up tests on different dates. I want to create a calculated field that show the difference between the score of the most recent test date and the previous test date.


      I imagine this could be done using a table calculation as well, but if possible, I'd prefer to do it using a calculated field. That way I could use that field (test gain) as a measure or filter to combine with other data points. This doesn't seem like it should be that hard, but I'm stuck on how to go about it. Prior to getting Tableau, we'd reshaped the data in SPSS and used some long syntax to calculate this, but I'm not able to translate.


      See attached. Many thanks for any help you can provide!


      - Mike