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    Migrating content from dev to prod

    Rosh ni

      I have a question around moving workbooks from dev to prod environment.


      If we have a workbook in QA environment pointing to a QA database, and we want to move the workbook to prod, and make it point to prod database, how do we go about it? The complication here is that report developers MAY NOT have connectivity to the production database at all. so its hard to use Tableau Desktop to connect to the prod database and replace data source..because the connection does not get created.


      It would have been great if theres a way to change connection details from the Tableau Server URL after moving the workbook to prod. Though there is an Edit Data connection option, we cannot edit all the aspects of a connection- for eg: for oracle there is no way to change SERVICE NAME! There is host, port, userid, password - But NO Service name! Is this a miss- or is there any other way to edit connections?


      manually opening each connection/workbook in desktop and republishing is a pain.