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    Best way for audience to view Dashboards in Tableau Reader

    Amy Meriwether

      My company has recently started using Tableau Reader to allow our audience to view workbooks created in Tableau. We do have Tableau Server but not enough licenses to accomodate all of our audience. Anyway, so far the only way i know how to explain opening a packaged workbook in reader is to save the tableau file somewhere, open the reader, locate the file that you want to view, and click open.


      Is there an easier way for us to be sharing all of our information? Any suggestions would be helpful...

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          Toby Erkson
          1. Save the .twbx file to a common location.
          2. Everyone who will be looking at the Tableau file should already have Tableau Reader installed on their computer.
          3. Whenever they need to see the report they can simply double-click on the file name and it will automatically launch Reader
            Simply open Reader and in the upper center section it will display the last few workbooks that were opened.  If the location of those workbooks haven't changed then simply clicking on one will open it.  Since you over-write the old .twbx with the new one they will see the most current report

          Alternately, you could have the files saved on SharePoint and they could download the file to their computer and then open it in Reader.

          You could have the files saved to a common location and run a [batch/VB/etc.] script to email the reports to people.  When they open it the report will automatically open in Reader.


          Also, make sure your audience has the Reader version that matches your Server/Desktop version.