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    Unable to publish workbooks to Tableau Server




      I'm facing a weird issue while publishing reports to Server.

      I often get Internet Communication Error (attachment).Once I tried publishing a dummy lighter workbook to Server, it got published.Meanwhile, I also published the workbook which was causing issue and it got published.


      I sometimes also face 'slow upload to server'. This can be related to Server performance.


      Now, I'm not even able to publish a light workbook.When checked with the repository logs, I don't find anything with that issue.

      So, I'm not getting is it something with the Network or something related to Server performance.


      Is there any limitation on the amount of workbooks a project(folder) can accomodate?

      As per the Space Usage statistics, APJ project has alomost occupied the space.Is it because of the space problem,we're not able to upload workbooks to Server inturn for that particular folder?


      How can I improve the Server performance so that I don't get such type of issues again?


      Many thanks in advance.