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    Map: How to create "stepped colors maps" based on non-equal bin ranges

    Jorge Villacampa



      I am trying to do a thematic map (Color filled map) where the color is based on transactions.  There are few countries (USA and France: eg 3M) with much larger number of transactions than the rest of the countries so when I ask Tableau to create 5 stepped color this is what I get (See picture).   I assume that Tableau creates internally equal bin ranges so it means that 5 countries are in the top 2 ranges and everyone else is in the bottom range(color).


      Is there a way to create a more meaningful map: eg distribute colors better among countries (eg non equal bins).  In GIS softwares eg Mapinfo, you can do equal number within each range or other solution. 


      I could create my own Bin range and then create the map based on this bin range dimension.  However I would like this to be dynamic: eg based on percentile or similar idea.


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you




      Example of 5 stepped colors.JPG.jpg