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    Automatic Resetting of  Filter

    Sk Safi

      Hi All,


      I want to show the data in dashboard for respective region according to user accessibility .


      Ex : There are three  values( 'AMR','APAC','EMEA') in Region filter.

             The filter is set as single value dropdown and 'All' is hidden.

             The publisher has access for only 'AMR'.So the 'Region' filter was selected as 'AMR' at the time of publishing.


              So when the user who has the access only for 'EMEA' is logging in at first load the dashboard is coming blank.

               And  after selecting 'EMEA' the data is coming in dashboard.


              The user should be able to see tha data for 'EMEA' at first load.


              Please give some idea on the problem.