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    Tableau server's Database

    feds akino



      Im a newbie in Tableau, just came across a post below regarding the Tableau server's database.

      This gives me confusion, when i installed my Tableau server there where no database asked.

      Come to think of it, how can an application stores workbooks/projects without a repository or a database.

      Can anyone point me to a documentation or any informational material or site regarding this database?



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          Russell Christopher

          H Feds -


          Tableau Server does indeed have a meta-data repository, and we store report definitions (they're only XML) there, among other things.


          The article you found referenced in the other thread is pretty much the documentation we have on the thing since there's nothing you really need to do to feed and care for it -- we handle all that. You'll probably find some other indirect references to it by searching on words like "repository"..


          Is there anything specific you want to know about it?