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    Dynamic Worksheet Titles in a Dashboard with Exclude All Action

    Russell Miller

      I'm building a dashboard that allows an end user to select Sector (say Consumer Discretionary) in one worksheet on the dashboard and it will display all of the industries (Automoblies, Household Durables, Media, etc.) in another worksheet.


      On that Industry chart, I have a dynamic title that includes the Sector name. So, for example, if you choose 'Consumer Discretionary' in the first worksheet , the second worksheet's title changes to 'Consumer Discretionary Weight'.


      I'm using a calculated field to accomplish this, and it is all working great. However, the filter action for the first worksheet excludes all values in the second if you don't have a single Sector selected. The thought here is that you must first choose a Sector to drill into the analysis of that sector.


      What happens is that the dynamic title switches from 'Consumer Discretionary Weight' to 'All' when the exclusion is applied.


      My question is, how can I modify my calculated field to identify the 'All' condition? I'd like it to display 'Choose a Sector' in this scenario.


      Due to the type of data I'm working with, I can't upload the workbook. This is the expression behind the calculated field:


      IF ISNULL([GICSSector]) THEN "Choose a Sector"

      ELSE [GICSSector] + " Weights"



      Any help would be appreciated.