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    Missing Values still not showing

    Cory Johnson

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm still a little new to Tableau, but am trying to run a report based on all of the new business our sales reps have brought in.  This report has many filters regarding when sales were billed, what type of sale it was, and if the company is new to us or not.  The problem I'm having, is that some of our sales reps have signed on new companies, who just haven't had any sales this month, due to that, neither the rep nor the company are showing up on my report.  I've tried using "show missing values" but that only appears to work on dates or binned data.  I've also tried going under the Analysis tab and using Show Empty Rows or Show Empty Columns, but that shows every company then, not just the ones I have selected.  Does anyone know how I can get the dimension to show even if the measures will be blank?

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          Mark Holtz

          Hi Cory,


          If your dimension is a discrete variable like company or sales rep names, Tableau won't provide values as it can with "show missing dates."  Dates and times, states, countires, etc. are special kinds of universal dimensions, which is why it is possible to autocomplete incomplete lists.


          What I find easiest to do in these situations is to create a "master roster" of all possible client, sales rep and/or dates/month (technically a CROSS JOIN in SQL speak) combinations that you would ever want to see.


          Are you able to post a packaged (.twbx) workbook? So Your Question Didn't Get Answered...