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    Welcome, Detroit!

    Olivia Moore

      We are looking forward to getting the Detroit based Tableau
      user group up and running. Our main goal is for users to feel like it’s as much
      their own as it is anyone else’s. So, what can users expect when joining?


      • Product Knowledge: As you attend the meetings, or participate through the online
        community, you will be getting smarter. With exposure to new ideas, tools, and
        tricks you’ll become more independent from the co-workers you usually lean on
        for assistance.
      • Networking: The community we are forming exposes users to different industries and
        departments that are working with Tableau. This fresh perspective will ignite
        creativity to bring back to your own projects at work.
      • Awareness: As more data-driven people collaborate the more vital the visualization tool


      Feel free to share ideas, ask questions, and participate in
      discussions with other Tableau users here in Metro Detroit. We look forward to
      meeting in person soon, as well as having the online community for immediate
      response and convenience.