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    Performance Impact on server report

    Ajit Kumar



      I have a project / Workbook where we have created 7 dashboards and for all the dashboards there is separate data connection, just because for all the dashboards there are different filters and all the filters are Global. So in order to restrict the impact of Global filter of one dashboard to other, I had to create separate connections. I know this situation can be handled in Tableau 8, but we are still using 7.17.

      Now, there is a Front page / Dashboard where we have just brought an Image of our company Logo. So basically when any one opens the report, the first page will be the Front Page rather than any report dashboard.

      The report / Workbook is published on Tableau server. Whenever we open the report, it takes almost 60 sec. to just opening the Front page.


      • I do not understand why it is taking so much time to just opening a dashboard where there is an Image only?
      • Also, Is Publishing all 7 Data Connections on server can Improve the performance of the report on server?


      Please give me some input on this.