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    How to highlight relevant items only?

    Hock Gan

      I have a dashboard that displays how a student performs relative to the rest of the class for each subject sat.

      The median grade is shown by the red line and the grey band spans the second and third quartiles. In the example

      below, I have selected student A and his grades are highlighted for the five subjects that he sat. This highlighting solution

      was kindly provided by Andy Piper - see http://community.tableau.com/thread/129400


      Is there a way to hide the subjects that he did not sit - Chemistry, History and Statistics?


      The actual dataset that I am working with has about 30 subjects with each student taking an average of 6 subjects.

      Displaying only the relevant rather than all subjects will reduce visual clutter and help the end user focus on the subjects

      that matter.



      Highlight relevant subjects.jpg