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    Time series charts & period filters

    Shalin Bhatt

      I have a time series chart with a period filter (period: Jul'12- Mar'13).


      When I reduce the period of analysis e.g (Jul'12-Jan'13), the axis adjusts to show only these months.

      What I desire is to still show the entire period (Jul'12-Mar'13) with the months Feb'13-Mar'13 showing blanks/zeroes.


      I've attached the file, please revert if you have a solution.





      PS: As an additional follow-up question, could this then be applicable to filters in general (e.g select two out of three elements, and show a zero for the unselected element)

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          Willem Botha

          Hi Shalin


          Right click on your x-axis and select Edit Axis, then tick 'Fixed' under Range. It should default to your current selection of dates, but you can set it to whatever values you want. Now if you filter your dates it keeps it on your fixed axis, showing all the months not selected as zero, but still having the month's position visible.


          Hope that helps.