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    Dashboard Worksheet Alignment



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          Joe Mako

          In a Tableau Dashboard view, floating objects do not currently have alignment features like you would find in other software. Each will need to positioned one at a time.


          There may be other routes that dynamic based on the data, but we would need an example packaged workbook that represents your situation to provide more details.

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                    Then it is a limitation of Tableau, y bcz some times visualization need to do alignments, with out good alignments we cant get good visualizations. Please share if Tableau have alignment tips.




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              Ian Raffalovich

              While there is no auto align feature, there are x,y coordinates once you have a floating object selected that can be used to more precisely align things. They are located in the bottom left corner, where you would resize your dashboard. You can toggle between dashboard size and object position by simply selecting an object.

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                Shawn Wallwork

                What Ian said!


                Except now (10.1.3) on the 'Layout' tab of a Dashboard at the top. And they are laid out vertically on top of each other for some unknown reason:


                I can only hope they split the Dashboard controls into two tabs to make room for added controls and features. Because at the moment continually switching between tabs is a real pain-point, at least for me. (Tableau, is there a shortcut key combination to switch between these two new dashboard tabs?)


                But while I'd also love a 'snap-to-grid', you can align things (as Ian pointed out) by using the Position and Size entry boxes. (When finalizing a project I use these a lot!)


                One final note: Tableau is aware that hitting the Tab key to move to the next entry box has a 'bug'. Namely that when you tab to the next box it is expected that the current number will be highlighted (and stay highlighted) and when you start typing, the highlighted number will be deleted and a new number entered. However for the last few releases the number gets highlighted for a second, then the cursor moves to the end of the line. So when you start typing you end up typing at the end of the number. So if you want to change 71 (Position y) to 90, you will most likely change it to 7190. Try it. As I said Tableau is aware of this issue (bug) ever since the 10.0 release (I think) but it hasn't been corrected in 10.1.3


                If only there were a place inside Tableau that I could send these sorts of issues/bugs (the little ones) that would get the attention of folks responsible for fixing these little known issues..... But alas I haven't found that 'Polishers nirvana' inside Tableau, yet. I continue to search!






                Sean Boon

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