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    Return category relating to specific value




      How do I go about returning the category name relating to a specific value in a table?


      For example, if I have the following data:


      Sales teamValue


      I'd like to set up a sheet that shows 3 bars:

      1. Value for chosen sales team (I'm using pages for this) e.g. 100 for Team A
      2. Value of best sales team, with a label saying team i.e. 120 (Team B)
      3. Average value i.e. 100


      Here's the page. All I need to do is add "(Team B)" underneath the 120 label.




      I'm able to show the bars that I need using pages / calculated fields, but I'm struggling with how to return that team B has the highest sales value whilst retaining the ability to use pages to select the team to show the value of in the first column.


      Sample workbook is here: Workbook: sales bars eg