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    Editing Tableau's default Date Hierarchy

    Tony Vida

      I am beginning to setup a number of financial Financial dashboards/reports for my company, but I would like the built in date hierarchy to work a bit differently than it currently does.  My company's fiscal calendar is as follows:


      Fiscal Calendar start date:  April 1st


      Quarters are broken up as follows:

           1st month: 4 weeks  (Weeks 1-4)

           2nd month: 4 weeks (Weeks 5-8; this month will always start on a Saturday)

           3rd month: 5 weeks (Weeks 9-13; this month will always start on a Saturday)


      Each quarter is broken up into 3 months, however the months do not necessarily reflect the true dates of the calendar.  For example, April 30th of this year landed on the 5th week of the fiscal year.  As the first month only consists of 4 weeks, April 30th is actually considered to be in May.  But if I used the default tableau date hierarchy, it would put April 30th within the month of April.


      I want to be able to edit the default date hierarchy so that I don't have to create some sort of custom mapping and have it incorporated into every workbook I create (as everything I am creating revolves around financials, and in the end this date structure).  Is this doable?


      Thanks for reading!