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    Triple combination graph?

    Eric Huhn

      Hi folks,


      I'm trying to add a separate measure to an existing graph, and having trouble.  I've attached a screen shot.


      I started with a bar chart with 2 measures, Calls Handled and Calls Abandoned (these are call center stats).


      On a dual axis, I added a Service Level % (the percentage of calls answered within 60 seconds) as a line, along with a Reference Line.


      Then, ideally I'd like to add another line showing the forecast # of calls.  It would be on the same scale as the left axis.  If I add it to the Rows Shelf, I get the format shown.  What I'm really trying to do is superimpose these two.


      If I drop the forecast on the left axis or in the body of the graph, it puts it in Measure Values and makes it a 3rd value of the bars.  Once it's there, I can't chnage its type to Line without affecting the other 2.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


      Eric Huhn