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    Inserting manual values in columns

    Manon V

      I am still new to Tableau and trying to navigate my way around.


      My client is asking for a dashboard where he could manually input a value into a column that will automatically generate values in other columns.  Because I have several rows and the values for each row can be different, I don't know how to use the calculated field to work around that.


      I'm attaching a .PDF sample of what I am trying to achieve.  The yellow columns are where the manual data would be entered.  The other columns are generated based on the value entered in that cell.


      Thank you for your help.

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          Mark Holtz



          You are probably looking for a number of parameters.


          You could then create a calculated field to "summon" the desired parameter in the appropriate case.

          You'll want a different parameter for each value that can be independently set.


          In the example, you attached, you appear to have 8 "boxes" that could hold inputs.

          I think you could create a calculated field as  "Growth Over 3 Years w/ param":

          [Total # of Staff] *
          IF [Occupational Groups] = 'ABC' THEN [Annual Growth ABC]
          ELSEIF [Occupational Groups] = 'DEF' THEN [Annual Growth DEF]
          ELSEIF [Occupational Groups] = 'GHI' THEN [Annual Growth GHI]
          ELSEIF [Occupational Groups] = 'MGMT' THEN [Annual Growth MGMT]


          and then you could create another calculated field as "Term Over 3 Years w param" similarly.


          Hopefully that helps get your going. If you need more help, please attach a packaged workbook with your example.

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