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    Help with mapping issue - table calc value not displaying correctly

    Mark Strand



      I am building out a prototype market analysis report by Neilsen DMA.  Example is attached.


      Everything is working great as far as table and calculations and I have all the metrics I will need displayed on the tab "BDI CDI Report DRAFT".  Numbers are all correct there.


      However, I would like to be able to do a heat map of some of these metrics by DMA but am having a problem getting them to display correctly on the polygon map.  Any metric based on a calculation is not displaying accurately on the map (tab="Test BDI CDI Map").


      For example, the calculation "BDI CDI Gap" results in a value of 171 for Laredo TX (down on the Mexico Border), but if you mouse over the Laredo geography/polygon the value mapped and displayed in the tooltip is 1.284...?


      If you map the metrics that are just simple sums or counts like "BDI Units" or "CDI Units" then everything maps and displays correctly.  The problem seems to invlove any metrics derived using table calculations.  In some cases the correct calc in the source table is based on the "table down" approach but when I drag the calc over to the map it switches to "table across" and becomes an incorrect value (and does not giv me the option to with to "table down").


      Any ideas what I am doing wrong or how I can fix this?  I have been using this polygon map template for a long time with good results and never run into this particular problem before and I am sure I have sucessfully mapped % shares or other table calculations in the same way in the past.


      Calculations are associated with the VEHICLE REGISTRATION DATA source and I am dragging them on to the color button for the polygon map.


      I would appreciate any help with this, thanks!