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    Tableau Server Preferred Browser

    Saken Kulkarni

      Hi all,


      We are currently running Tableau Server on IE 8 and are experiencing performance issues when compared to Firefox V22.0


      Is there any Tableau POV on a preferred browser for Tableau Server, especially to maximize performance? I have not found any documentation on this.


      IE is the only browser supported by our IT department. If we do have to use IE, is there anything that we can do to maximize performance besides the obvious (updating to IE 11)?





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          Shyju Kallat

          I don't think there is a  preferred browser version for tableau server.  Every product  IE, Chrome and firefox are trying to optimise different aspects of the browsing experience.   Unfortunately most of the enterprise level companies only go with IE which has been a standard.   I have personally tested and felt that firefox is faster compared to IE and Chrome.


          As a workaround to inhibit client side rendering, try views from your tableau server using server side rendering this can be achieved by adding  " ?:render = false" at the end of your view.



          Shyju Kallat