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    Tableau Server 8.0 - Publishing workbooks and data sources : Response 500


      I am having difficulty publishing existing workbooks and data sources to Tableau server Version 8.0.0 (Build 8000.13.0319.1225).


      I am aware of the advice provided HERE which suggests setting a specific  username password for the data source and selecting "Embedded Password" for database authentication. However, when I publish to the server (having watched a considerable number of upload and optimization stages) I get : "An Error has occurred when publishing the workbook"




      An error occurred when publishing the workbook.

      Internal Error

      Response code: 500

      Tableau Server encountered an unknown error.


      My workbook has 2 data sources. 1 is based on a query. The other is a straight selection from a view.

      Source database is PostgresSQL.

      Workbook has 4 dashboards and about 20 worksheets. I have tried cutting down the number of worksheets, dashboards and data sources but get the same error consistently.


      Would appreciate any advice as currently this server is pretty useless to us at this time.