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    Table Calc - Running Total - Keep from Restarting Every Record

    John Sobczak

      For Table Calcs (No Dates), how can I get around and NOT restarting at every record which is differentiated in the level of detail shelf and or color shelf ?   With Dates this seems to work fine, but using other dimensions it restarts every record (due to level of detail).




      I have never quite fully understood the mechanics of Table Calcs, particularly advanced, other than I realize it is a pretty powerful feature that I truly appreciate and I also understand the calculation is being performed on the resulting data set from theViz query.


      Many of my Table Calcs I get by with a quick table calc option such as using "running total" and it does just what I need it to do - giving me a running total of ALL the records shown in view regardless if they are segmented by color (color shelf) or level of detail (using bar charts for example).  And for all these cases the horizontal axis is a date field (ie. Column shelf).


      However I noticed when I do not use a date field dimension on my column shelf, but rather another dimension,  the running total restarts for every record when the records are differentiated by fields in the level of detail shelf and color shelf.  But I also had this same situation when I was using time.


      So 2 questions:


      1) Why does it behave differently on time verses non time.


      2) How can I get around this and NOT restart at every record or ignore the level of detail and color considerations?  I have tried many combinations in the advanced dialog box, but no success.


      I think a clear answer on this would also be candidate response for Support manual as well as training material, unless it's already there