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    Hi, I am looking to track open and closed cases across a period of time.

    Camille Fremed

      In looking for this, I found a great post by  Joe Mako but am not sure how the data was combined.  Here is his post, I downloaded the workbook - it appears to have a file with all cases both open and closed, and then a custom sql to identify event type, but it isnt working for me.  Have I missed something in the custom sql?


      Here is the thread http://community.tableau.com/thread/105620?start=0&tstart=0


      And my file looks like this.  Do I have to create 2 sheets, one with open tickets and one with closed? That seems rather overkill.

      Infrastructure Change IdCategorization Tier 1Categorization Tier 2AssigneeDescriptionSubmitterSubmit DateStatusClosed DateAgeAssigned GroupImpact
      INC000000125532OtherOtherPeter Barry*88 bridge not working phones will not connectwbrady04/11/13 10:34 AM5-Closed04/11/13 10:37 AM0Global Network Operations3-Moderate/Limited
      INC000000119921NetworkOtherKhoubboon Kwansriwong1 alarm in Spectrum for Colombopcook03/02/13 02:04 AM5-Closed03/02/13 02:26 AM0Global Network Operations3-Moderate/Limited
      INC000000116570NetopsGeneralKevin Durban2663 conferencing in Orlandokdurban02/06/13 04:48 PM6-Cancelled02/13/13 02:38 PM5Global Network Operations3-Moderate/Limited
      INC000000118273NetopsGeneralKevin Durban2900 branch device bugkdurban02/19/13 01:17 PM5-Closed02/26/13 10:01 AM5Global Network Operations3-Moderate/Limited
      INC000000117569VoiceOtherPatrick Louman2Voice/Video::Otherjcappenberg02/13/13 04:04 PM5-Closed02/20/13 10:22 AM5Global Network Operations3-Moderate/Limited
      INC000000132393Data CenterGeneralDeniz YildirimA BGP peering to (GITOOLS) is down on AMS4-GI-INTMX80s since 13:22 UTC.dyildirim05/25/13 08:53 PM5-Closed05/25/13 10:20 PM0Global Network Operations3-Moderate/Limited



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