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    URL paramater value is sticking based off first click

    Don Lay

      I have 1 dashboard that has a URL action which opens a link to another dashboard.  The paramater in the link changes based off what you click but it only works on the first click, after that it seems the paramater is locked until I click revert all.  Below is a more detailed example.


      1. Open Dashboard 1 and click URL to go to dashboard2.  In the URL I have &myparameter=level1

           This works

      2. When I go back to dashboard 1 and click a different url which has &myparamater=level2 it seems as though it is trying to use both values and then returns no data at all.  So the SQL being passed appears to be:

      and myparameter=level1

      and myparameter=level2


      This of course returns no data.  If I click the revert all button and refresh the page it starts working again at whatever the first level is that I select.