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    Editing and extract via calculated field?

    Antonio Willybiro



      I have an extract with 5m rows or so.

      The extract is made of 30+ files.


      I need to make a simple change to the data and that is to update one of the Opco country information.


      So say I have three columns for instance: Opco_code | country | value

      I have an Opco called OPC1235 I need across my entire extract to change the country info of any row referring to that opco from UK to Ireland.


      is it possible to use a calculated field or else and then set that as a filter to achieve that result or do I have to update all the 30+ files and refresh the extract?




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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Antonio.


          It is not possible to edit values inside a Tableau Data Extract. The best solution is to modify the data in the original files and refresh your extract.


          You could create a calculated field that looks for particular opco_code values and have it return a DIFFERENT value from what you have in your files, but that is a very fragile approach. It's smarter just to "do the right thing" (even if painful) and modify the data itself.