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    SETS - basics

    ian gardener

      Newbie here (and yes, I have watched the vast majority of training vids...) pls be gentle....

      I have data of listeners who are streaming music.


      I build a set of listeners who listen in a particluar week, by



      click on User_id (listener), click create set, then specify condition, listened in wk17.



      build abother set, same, but listened in wk 16



      (end game is to combine the sets, to see which isteners listened in  both weeks - this should be simple but.....)



      this creates a set, when I drop the set into the view, it specifys all the users as "out" (when they are clearly "in") all 65883 of them.



      of course, when I create the combined set - it delivers no intersection as members are "out" of both sets (but they can clearly be seen in a listing of "out"

      Quick filter - only gives options for the set of All or Out. - no IN (implying no members?)

      Have also created the list of required listeners, highlight them all, and create a set - does the same as described above.



      Cant see anyway to reverse the out, to in?



      any thoughts? advice? comments? - appreciated


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Ian,


          My guess is that when you created the listeners set for Week17, the userID and the week number were included in the set--same thing for the set when created in Week16. Edit both of these sets and X out the Week Number columns. Then, create the combined set.


          Hope this helps!