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    Out of Memory

    A Saeedi


      I'm working with Tableau Desktop Version 8.0.

      Unfortunately, the error message "Out of Memory" will appear when the extract (More than 300M records).

      Now, my question is whether this problem is solved in the new version 8.0.1 ?


      please read Release Notes: (V 8.0.1)-Corrected Issues-Line 6

      Release Notes | Tableau Software

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          Allan Walker

          Hi sogoli,


          Are you using a Microsoft Jet engine driver?  I've found some limitations with that in the past. 

          Best Regards,



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            A Saeedi

            Hi Allan Walker,

            I'm working with Oracle , I installed Oracle driver.

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              Toby Erkson

              How much RAM is in your computer?  Have you closed down all unnecessary applications before launching Tableau?  What is the computer you're using?  I ask that as people with Chromebook seem to have more issues than others.  I don't have an answer, just trying to get more info.

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                A Saeedi

                Hi Toby,

                cpu:16 core

                ram:64 g

                os:windows server 64

                data source:oracle

                tableau version: 7.0.7 , 8.0


                All programs are closed.

                My question is whether this problem has been fixed in version 8.0.2?

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                  Toby Erkson

                  Looks like a nice setup   I would recommend installing the latest-n-greatest, v. 8.0.2.  Why the hesitation?  I'm running .2 and it's been fine...and with a crappier computer compared to yours.

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                    A Saeedi

                    Thanks for your help

                    I would install the latest version (v 8.0.2)

                    I hope the error message "Out of Memory" does not appear.

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                      Russell Christopher

                      If you are seeing this error consistently, please open up a case with Tableau Support so that they can identify and fix your problem. In the meantime, creating the following registry entry and setting it to "disabled" could help:


                      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Tableau\Tableau 8.0\Settings\ExternalProtocol

                      The ExternalProtocol value should be of type String. You'll need to restart Tableau after making the change. If this suggestion helps, you'll still want to open up a case so that support can figure out the underlying problem.

                      FYI, there were also a fair number of fixes around similar issues in 8.0.1.