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    Crop URL content?


      Hi everybody,

      I am currently in the middle of developing an economic analysis and am planning on incorporating a website, via the URL feature in Tableau, which allows you to open up the page within the Dashboard. Now I would like to limit the users ability to navigate around that page, and basically crop the content to a specific area, which will display something like a graph, for instance.

      If possible the user should not be able to scroll vertically or horizontally and basically be fixated on a specific area of the webpage.

      Is this at all possible?

      Thank you and best regards!


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          Joshua Milligan



          You won't be able to have that fine of a level of control from Tableau.  You can link to a named anchor within a page to have the browser "jump" to a certain section of the page, but you won't be able to turn scrolling off.


          But here are some other options:


          1. Do you have any control to edit the webpage or is it a 3rd party?  If you control it, you can restrict the user's actions from the webpage.

          2. Can you create another webpage you do control and host the content there (even embedding 3rd party content).  If so, you could restrict the user's actions there.

          3. Can you embed the desired chart or graph directly instead of embedding the webpage that contains the chart or graph?  In other words, the URL from Tableau would be something like http://vizpainter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Calculated-Field.png instead of http://vizpainter.com/dynamic-annotations-part-2/