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    Trying to identify the 2 most recent date values, so I can break the data into 2 separate columns

    Dan Gerena

      My data is as follows:


      Date          Amount

      1/1/2013     $8.00

      4/10/2013   $11.00

      5/7/2013     $5.00


      I want to create 2 calculations, one for the most recent date (Max) and one for the 2nd most recent date, such that I sum the values for each respective date...


      For example, for "My Max Amount", the result will be $5.00 and for whatever date is the 2nd most recent, the result would be $11.00.


      Then over time as data gets added to the table, it would naturally recompute based on whatever dates ate the most and 2nd most recent...


      How can I accomplish?