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    Opening a Tableau Packaged Workbook with Tableau Desktop

    Chad Kovac

      If I open a packaged workbook in Tableau Desktop, I can apparently make changes, etc.,  If that's the case, why wouldn't I want to just convert all of my workbooks to packaged workbooks assuming I am using extracts for data?  This way, co-workers can open and view the information in workbooks I'm currently working on.


      Any downsides to this?  Aside from not being connected to live data and being limited to extracts?

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          Toby Erkson

          It doesn't matter if the workbook is packaged or not, Desktop is the authoring tool used to create/edit reports (workbooks).  Tableau Reader can only read/view packaged workbooks and this is what is normally used by report consumers.


          Now, I'm sure Tableau wouldn't mind all of your users BUYING A LICENSE for Tableau Desktop.  If money is a factor for your company then the FREE Tableau Reader is a smart choice    Remember, you can set up filters & prompts to help allow the users change some things.


          Also, you don't want users to open workbooks you're working on because of conflicts -- you make a change and save it, they change something and accidently save it, thus over-writing your work.  Not a good idea


          If you just gotta give your users the ability to change reports, and you have a lot of users, then look into Tableau Server.  You'd set the user's permission to Publisher and then they could hack away at the report to their heart's desire.