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    Unable to use Date Parameter / Calc field when data source is secondary

    Siddharth Surana



      Getting stuck with Parameters and Calculated Fields


      I want to have a calender type (Like the one shown in Travel websites) date field filter. To achieve this, I had to create two parameters and 2 t/f Calculated fields to filter out information for the specified date range


      1. 2 Data Parameters created - Start Date & End Date

      2. Calculated field - After Start - Start Date <= Order Date

      3. Calculated Field - Before End - End Date >=Order Date


      Place these calculated fields on the filter shelf and select TRUE.


      This approach works well if the data source in which I created the Parameters / Calculated field remains the primary (In this workbook, the superstore Sales). But when I make the coffee sales as my primary data source, the Calculated filed do not filter out information for those date range as specified with parameters? (Unable to pull those fields on the sheet )


      Is there a workaround for this? It is a necessity for me to have a calender type date filter.


      I hope this question is clear. Please see the attached workbook